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Ladies! Have Fun, Play Safe with Phone Dating.
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You’ve likely all experienced the reaction when you tell friends and family you’ve taken your love life online. It’s surprise, usually thinly coated with a veil of anxiety and concern. After all, you never know who you’re really dating when you meet online.

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Fact is, the same could be said for anyone you meet. You never know the real person until you spend some real time together. But in the high stakes game of online love, there are some solutions for having fun, exploring the dating world and still playing it safe.

Here are a few dating tips to help you meet your perfect match

  • The Dirt is in the Details

    Before you head-out for that first date, leave all the particulars (meeting place, date time, cell phone number) with a friend. Better yet, leave them your date’s information (full name, phone number) too. If you’re particularly anxious, get your friend to do a check-in call 30-minutes into the date.

  • Go Public:

    It doesn’t matter how smitten you are with your date, never head for an intimate dinner to their place on date one. Take it public and schedule a coffee date, gallery opening, brunch…whatever you want as long as it’s in a public place.

  • The Air of Mystery

    Don’t share intimate details about your life with a new date. In particular, it’s wise not to reveal your home phone number, address or too much personal information. If your date continues to dig for this information, politely tell them you’re not comfortable revealing this much detail. Lighten the mood by saying you prefer an air of mystery.

  • Too Good to be True

    Like most of us, you have some idea who you’re looking for in a date. If you’ve been exchanging email with this dreamy date, and they seem to be everything you could ever want, be cautious. Generally, when something or someone seems to be too good to be true, it’s often the case. Take a step back, evaluate the situation and skip the in-person get together. Instead, opt for a phone date and see how you feel about the other person.

  • Make a Phone Date

    Take the time to get know your date. Ask what he/she likes or wants, explore their routine, hobbies, interests, ask some probing (but not too nosy!) questions about their personal history. Information is key. Discover what makes them tick and see how you feel during these conversations. If you get any red flags about their behaviour, attitudes or comments it may be time to move onto the next date.

  • You Hit it Off

    There’s chemistry, your date is amazingly witty, intelligent and remarkably, you feel safe with him/her. Before you fall into this lure of false security, inviting your new soul mate for a coffee back at your place, think again. You don’t really know this person and by taking this next step, you could be putting yourself in a very dangerous situation. If he/she is as wonderful as you think, you will see them again. Save the cozy coffee until you have a more complete picture of the situation.

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