Chatline Safety Tips

Phone chat and dating services are for meeting new people, socializing and having fun. Keep in mind a few pointers to help ensure a safe and fun phone dating experience. These chatline safety tips are general guidelines for all women and men using any chat products, adult phone lines, party lines or voice personals service.If you hit it off with someone and want to take it further, please consider the following safety tips.

Member safety Tips – Keep it Safe on any chatline, voice personals, phone chat, dating, adult chat service.

A quick reference of chatline safety tips for all women and men using adult chat, phone dating, voice personals or party lines.

Start Slow

Connections can be intense and passionate. Ensure you have the conversations to get to know someone before any in-person interaction, meeting or a date. Be aware of inconsistencies or strange behaviour. Know that you can end contact at any time. If things were great but got uncomfortable, you do not have to maintain the conversation or any further interaction.

Protect Your Privacy

Be smart about sharing any of your personal information, identity and private details. Chatlines and phone dating are private and confidential. There are no photos, questionnaires or publicly searchable information that you do not include in your profile. You do not have to share any personal information with another caller unless you want to and are comfortable doing so.

You are in Control

One of the most important chatline safety tips is to remember that you are in control. If you are not comfortable with it, you do not have to meet anyone in person. If things with another chatline member are going well and you decide to meet in person, remember that you can change your mind or stop contact at any time. Chatlines, phone dating and voice personals services assume no responsibility for personal meetings. If you do intend to meet in person, phone chat line providers usually encourage members to be smart and meet in public places.

Run a Background Check

Phone Chat services guarantee privacy. And usually do not conduct background checks on members. However, it is recommended that you make sure someone you are interested in getting to know is legit by asking questions, doing an Internet search, and using common sense. If you encounter someone underage, please alert Customer Service.

Be Aware and Alert

Unnatural behaviour and displays of anger, intense frustration, pressure, passive-aggressive pressure, demeaning or disrespectful comments and physically inappropriate mannerisms are all examples of red flags. These things are not the fun you want.

Meet in Public

If you choose to meet, always tell a friend where you are going and when you will return. Leave your date’s name and number with your friend. Choose a central public meeting place, and make sure you have your own means of transportation to and from the location.

Out of Town Dates

If you decide to go to a different city to meet up with someone, be sure to arrange for your own car and hotel room. Please do not disclose details of your visit before getting to know the other person. Choose to meet in public. Carry a mobile phone, and let a friend or family member know your plans.

Follow your Instincts

Follow your gut. If you instinctively feel unsafe, that’s the only reason you need to step back, change plans or end contact. At any time, if you feel unsure or uncomfortable, excuse yourself and call a friend to pick you up, or just leave. You can change your mind and do not owe anyone anything.

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