Casual Sex or Serious Relationship?

By September 19, 2017Dating Today

Casual Sex or Serious Relationship? Singles sum up Dating Today

Are we just sexting, texting, hooking up, seeing one another exclusively, or getting married within the year? Is it casual sex or are things getting serious?

Dating can be anything from an intimate encounter, casual sex, passionate fling or a serious relationship. Romance exists in a no-name grey area, it all seems fairly understated. On the flip side, it’s convenient. Well, until you actually have feelings for someone. Then, it’s easy for your relationship to turn into a living nightmare…constantly checking your phone, stalking on social media, and being too afraid to ask questions of your potential partner.

Dating single guys and girls is fun! Ladies, play it safe and try phone dating chatlines from the privacy of your home. Call in and enjoy fun conversations with tons of interesting guys until you are ready for the next step. Take your time to really get to know the man you’re interested in and you’ll find the right one! Whether you’re looking for some exciting casual sex or a passisonate serious relationship; just calla chatline and you’ll find tons of great singles in minutes! Don’t miss out on connecting with someone new today!

Dating can mean casual sex or serious relationship. Singles sum up dating with these one-liners.

  • I like you and only you, and we are together.
  • I’m just keeping you around until someone better comes along.
  • I dig you. I mean really, really dig you. But I also really dig these other people I’m going to go out and sleep with when I’m not with you.
  • This means nothing, but we are having sex on a somewhat regular basis.
  • I’m not ready for anything even remotely serious, so I’m going to keep us at this mystery level probably until one of us dies.
  • You buy me dinner when we go out. I think that’s dating.
  • We made some eye contact on the train. A moment. We’re dating.
  • I don’t even know why you’re here. I don’t like you.
  • You’re the best! I love you! (A week later: *Runs away*)
  • We stopped talking months ago, but no one really ended things, so…I guess we are technically still dating.

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Dating for singles today means a lot of different things to different people. It could mean a one night stand, casual sex, intimate encounters or serious relationships. Hopefully, some day, there’ll be a common consensus. Until then, enjoy some fun conversations with interesting people you might like and see where it goes!

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